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Our Culture

At rebuy we embody a culture of diversity, transparency, flat hierarchy, flexibility and communication. Encouraging a diverse and inclusive workplace, being transparent in company operations and decision-making, promoting a flat hierarchy to empower employees, offering flexibility in work arrangements, and fostering effective communication are all important elements of our positive company culture.

By prioritizing these values, we create a supportive and productive work environment for our employees, which can lead to better job satisfaction, improved teamwork and collaboration, and ultimately, better business results driven by leading a sustainable life.

Need to know a little more?

rebuy is a re-commerce company. We started in 2004 with the intention of reusing products and giving them a second life as opposed to throwing our old items away and increasing our carbon footprint.

Like many other e-commerce companies, we're in the business of buying and selling used consumer-electronics and media (think laptops, gaming consoles, books, video games, cell phones, etc). Not only does this support our mission in driving sustainability, it also offers a much more affordable solution to our customers looking to purchase items that work like-new!

How do we make this possible, you ask? We have in-house refurbishment and grading technology and technicians that ensure what we sell, works!

Sustainability at rebuy

Sustainability, “the avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance”, this is the definition of the values we share with the every environmentally aware individual who cares for the health of our planet.

Our sole mission is to create a world where sustainability is a top priority and we share how this is possible through the reuse of our everyday devices. Although we are merely a piece of the puzzle, it's definitely a great place to start!

Our values

Positive critical thinking, driving things forward collaboratively, serving our customers and the planet, and taking personal responsibility are at the heart of everything we do, and we put these values at the frontline of all the decisions we make in our community. Whether you’re an Engineer, Designer, Team Leader, Product Manager or anything else, if you care about what you do and creating an impact, we’d love you to get in touch.

Diversity and inclusion

Joining and being part of our rebuy community means to contribute with your individuality to the greater purpose of sustainability and the circular economy.

At rebuy we believe that everybody, regardless of age, disability, national and social origin, skin color, religion, gender identity and sexual orientation, enriches our mission with their unique perspective and background.

Together we create an intersectional space, where we come together and learn from each other.

Are you relocating to Germany?

We can support you! Once you have made the decision to take the first step in this journey to pack up your most valued belongings and move to a new space, we appreciate that there's a lot that needs to be taken into consideration. At rebuy we support our employees with their relocation needs, visa sponsorship and even assisting them in finding a place to stay! We work very closley with a relocation agency that takes care of all your documentation, consulting on the relocation process and visa application process to make your journey possible! During your interview journey with us, our Talent Acquisition Team will take you through how this works.

Already Working In Germany?

If you are already based in Germany and do not require relocation, we offer a hybrid working environment that allows our employees to work with flexibility and acheive a healthy work/life balance. This is however, dependent on the role you have applied for. While most of our roles allow you to work remotely from your home office (in Germany), we also have positions that require onsite presence or part time in-office set-up's. This set up is discussed during your process to ensure you have a clear outline to what is expected in the role you have applied for.

Learn more about our teams

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