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Our Teams

Learn more about the exciting dynamic across all our teams here!

People Team

Tech Team

Data Team

Marketing and Brand Team

Finance and Procurement Team

Commercial Team

Customer Service Team

Our People Team

Mission Statement:

"We empower rebuyers to hire, lead and work both successfully & sustainably while creating a culture and community of circularity enthusiasts and rebuy advocates."

Our People Team is the driving force behind our incredible culture here at rebuy. They are a team of employee advocates putting our employees needs first, always. Unlike any regular HR department, this team makes sure our employees feel heard and actively work towards improving the environment we all work in.

Team Size:

An incredible team of 7!

- 5 dedicated HR-focused colleagues

- 2 Talent Acquisition colleagues

Our team of 7 works together in a collaborative effort to attract and retain our wonderful employees.

Our Tech Team

Mission Statement:

"Creating a great user experience that supports our business and tools that let us excel in logistic processes."

Our tech wizards support our e-commerce vision in delivering our mission in bringing sustainability to everyone! Without our awesome engineers we would not be where we are today ;)

Team Size:

8 engineering teams, split across 2 departments: platform & logistics, web & apps

Read about our Tech Stack HERE.

Friday is Tryday!

Every Friday, our engineers can attend to a topic they consider important and want to push forward. This can be about their personal career development, staying up to date, learning something new, improving the codebase, or working on product improvements they believe in. We asked our engineers what they did during their recent trydays. Here you’ll find their answers

Our Marketing and Brand Team

Mission Statement:

"To inspire and motivate people to achieve their goals of living more circular by making CE and media products more visible and accessible to them." What you see and how you see it is all thanks to our incredible creatives working hard behind the scenes to ensure our message gets delivered! Our Marketing team shares inspiring and engaging content across social media and other channels to engage customers in the consideration stage of their buying decision.

Team Size

25 creatives covering:

- Brand

- PR

- Content

- Social

- Creative


- Paid


- and International

Our Data Team

Mission Statement:

"Our mission is to deliver accurate and actionable data-driven recommendations to enhance the customer experience, optimize business operations, and drive sustainable growth."

Team Size:

15 absolute data guru's across:

- Data Science

- Analystics

- and BI

Proud Moments

We have achieved pioneering status in the recommerce industry by developing Gauntlet, a pricing tool powered by  cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, that dynamically determines optimal product pricing for both buying and selling. This innovative tool has revolutionized our operations and enabled us to stay ahead of the competition in a rapidly evolving market. Our data team has successfully developed and implemented Soothsayer, a powerful forecasting tool that accurately predicts our purchase and sales trends over time. This tool empowers our category managers to proactively manage our portfolio, ensuring we meet the demands of our customers.

Our Finance and Procurement Team

Mission Statement:

"Our team creates a solid foundation for all business operations, provides sound information to all employees, leaders and investors to enable successful business decisions and supporting rebuy´s financial stability."

Team Size:

21 Number Wizards! Covering:


- Accounting

- Controlling

- Legal & Insurance

Our Commercial Team

Mission Statement:

"We aim at offering the product assortment our customers are looking for, at the highest quality with reasonable prices through circularityTogether with Pricing and Forecasting teams from Data, we develop inhouse the most suited pricing tools fitting the unique needs of Consumer Electronics and Media categories."

Team Size

12 team members across Media and Consumer Electronics teams (Category Management, Marketplace Management, B2B Purchasing).

Exciting Projects

We define the product portfolio fitting to our customers and rebuy's mission by understanding the market dynamics and the customer needs. For instance, we added sustainable phone accessories to our assortment in order to offer all articles our customers might need, in a sustainable way.

Our Customer Service Team

Mission Statement:

“Building up the best customer experience is what drives us forward. We are the ones talking to our customers and presenting rebuy with everything we communicate.”

Our customer service team strives to provide an exceptional experience for every customer. We are committed to understanding our customers' needs and concerns and treating them with respect, empathy and professionalism. By embodying the principles of circularity, we contribute to the overarching goal of promoting sustainable practices and values in every interaction. Ultimately, we strive to build long-term relationships and strengthen our customers' trust in our brand and our company vision for a more sustainable future.

Team Size

52 rebuyer’s covering:

1st Level

2nd Level

International CS






Exciting Projects

We just introduced a new structure in Customer Service that will allow us over time to increase the whole company's focus on our customers. After we faced high backlogs and a challenging hiring situation we are proud to offer 10 hours of call availability after several months of closed call lines and we are currently looking into offering Chat as a constant contact format for our customers.